SFR11 Team Updates



And we’re Back…

this week we welcomed back all thirty-two of our returning members. after an eventful competition this summer, all SUB TEAMS are back in the computer labs getting busy with new designs. This year we are expanding on our previous aero concepts, so expect big changes in the bodywork and wings of the car. The electronics team have been investigating our electrical issues at competition and working towards a solution. The chassis design has been finalised, and testing will be coming up soon. We’re Looking forward to A stellar year!



Incoming First years, Successful First Tests, and An Excellent First Social…

We are extremely anxious to welcome our first year students! We have 120 applicants of which around 10 will join us for this season. At Our Most recent testing session, we collected data for fuel flow to the engine allowing us to understand the power of our fuel pump. We also resolved previous issues with our electronic systems. All our subteams have been progressing with designs as our Christmas deadline approaches. A Big thank You to Parkwood and our social secretary for organising our first Karting social of the year. It was a wet day, but We all had good fun even if we went spinning. We will be having another testing session this Thursday for which we are aiming to bleed the brakes and assemble the brake pedal.