14th of 81 teams

a great, but unlucky year for sfr. many new innovative designs were added during the 2018/2019 season, from the aerodynamic package to the inboard suspension. throughout the weekend, sfr10 was looking to finish in the top 5 again, but due to a suspension failure, we did not finish the endurance. once the parts were replaced, sfr10 went back out with courage that the car would finish the remaining laps of the endurance. however… we picked up two punctures on the out lap which led to a dnf. the result was unlucky, but the car was sensational.



5th of 81 teams

the best year the team has ever experienced, with 5th place overall, the 2nd best uk team and also achieved the most efficient internal combustion engined car award.



20th of 63 teams

the best result the team had achieved so far in its existence. two awards were won:

  • gkn lightest car award

  • best costing report



59th of 106 teams

Undeniably our fastest and most advanced car to date, had SFR007 had the reliability it would have our highest placing car ever, outstripping many other UK teams in the process. Unfortunately, the car got caught up on some technicalities during scrutineering and therefore didn't manage to compete in every dynamic event, and secondly a small steering issue caused us to retire in the first lap of endurance. A fantastic platform to build on for next year, with plenty of testing planned for the 16-17 season.

extensively throughout the 2014/15 season.


41st of 97 teams

Fundamentally, a much-improved design on SFR004; the team passed scrutineering in record time having experienced none of the noise level issues from FS 2013 and competed in all events. A chain failure curtailed our run in the endurance event, which impacted significantly on our position in the final standings. We aim to record our best finishing position so far at FS 2015 by improving the reliability of the car, which will be achieved by track testing SFR005 extensively throughout the 2014/15 season.


37th of 102 teams

Good car, although packaging issues caused overheating of the electronics. A faulty fuel tank breather also compromised performance as the engine was occasionally starved of fuel. We performed very well in the static events, however, as highlighted by our 2nd place finish in the Cost event.



62nd of 76 teams

Building a working car is a great achievement for any first year team. We managed to pass scrutineering and compete in a couple of dynamic events. We also gained a lot of valuable experience for the team.


46th of 96 teams

A car that was technologically superior to anything we've ever constructed, featuring cutting edge technologies and manufacturing techniques that were unique on the grid. However due to unfortunate circumstances we missed out on valuable points in dynamic events due to being caught up in scrutineering. This car provided a steep learning curve but gives us a strong platform to spring off into the 2015/16 season.



59th of 84 teams

In many aspects, an improved design, however problems passing the noise test took valuable time. A differential mount stiffness issue caused the car to lose drive in dynamic events. As it can be seen, we are a progressive team. We are moving to a new design for SFR005, with smaller wheels and a single cylinder engine and we are confident this new design will produce our most successful car to date.



38th of 82 teams

Building on our first year knowledge, we built a much improved car, including one of the most outrageous paint-jobs to ever appear on the Formula Student Grid. Component failures due to lack of testing caused some problems however we managed to compete in the endurance event, unfortunately spinning out due to changing conditions. Testing later showed that this car could have easily completed the race had we stayed on track.