SFR10 Launch Event

13th July 2019

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the 10th anniversary of Sheffield formula racing has given us a totally new perspective of what the team can deliver.

with many new changes to the design, the involvement of new sponsors, new manufacturing techniques and even a new outlook to social media over the last year, sfr10 is bound to be our best car yet.


high five

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high five: Sheffield formula racing’s interview

“Following their highest ever result at Formula Student 2018 and the second highest scoring UK team, we hear from the University of Sheffield as they prepare for the next year of the competition and what they have in store.

2019 will mark SFR’s 10th year in the competition. Every year, our team consists of roughly 40-50 undergraduate engineering students ranging from their 1st to final year, and are currently in the process of recruiting our next cohort of first year students. The team is structured into 5 sub-teams: Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Powertrain, Ergonomics and Electronics…”